Test your Home for Radon using the Right Radon Kits

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Most people have installed kitsin their homes but don’t know what radon is in the first place. As a homeowner you need to learn about radon first and its effects on human beings before checking your home for radon levels. It is only when you have understood how deadly this invisible radioactive gas is would you know how important it is to install radon detectors in your home. Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is as a result of breakdown of uranium in soil. This radioactive gas is second only to cigarette smoke when it comes to causing lung cancer. In fact, it contributes to over 20,000 deaths each year. This statistic keeps growing since people have yet to grasp what the gas really is as well as its obvious effects. Moreover, radon is invisible to the naked eye as well as tasteless making it particularly difficult to detect.

The primary source of radon gas is radioactive elements such as radium and uranium. These radioactive elements are scattered under the Earth’s surface, thus radon gas is present in all parts of the world. So how do these elements produce radon? Well, it is quite simple. When these radioactive elements decay they emit radon gas. This gas enters the soil and eventually come into your home through cracks on the floor, walls and windows. Due to the fact that radioactive elements such as uranium can last as long as the life of the earth, radon will forever be emitted to our environment. This is why it is prudent to install radon test kits in your home to keep your family safe.

Before you rush into buying a radon test kit, you need to gather enough information to know which radon detectors are best for your home. You can get such information and more at aboutradon.ca. This website has gone to great lengths to help homeowners test radon Canada. Moreover, each radon detector comes with its set of instructions thus it is quite easy to install the device in your home. You should only purchase radon detectors that have passed the guidelines set by EPA to make sure they serve their purpose well

So what happens when you have detected radon in your home? Well, when your kit has detected high levels of radon in your house, you should contact a certified and qualified radon mitigation specialist immediately. The specialist will then install a radon remediation system and remove all the radon in your house. This will make your home safe for everyone to enjoy their day. It is the job of every homeowner to make sure they have installed these devices in their homes.


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