Avelbug And Geocoin To Locate Geocaches

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The more often you will also find in the caches trinkets left by other géochercheurs. Travel- Bugil there is a rule to follow: if you take something you must deposit something of equal value or more instead. These trinkets are sometimes accompanied by a plate or a room with an identification number and respectively named TravelBug Geocoin. Attached to their Hitchhiker (hitchhiker) the unique identification numbers allow géochercheurs report their discovery on the Geocaching site. Tradition has it that the finder to do travel the applicant in another cache. The owner can follow the route of his Hitchhiker worldwide through its identification number.

Where To Find Geocaches?

Caches are located throughout the world. Geocaching offers disposition a map listing all the caches distributed over the planet at its official site or at skattejagt gps.

However, if you want to participate in the experiment do not forget to follow these rules:

  • If you take an object from the cache, leave something of equal or greater value.
  • Comment on your visit to the register cache specifying the date and time of the discovery, and your username that you have taken and filed instead.
  • Consider sharing your experience at www.geocaching.com.
  • A geocache should not contain food, explosives, blunt, drugs or alcohol.
  • The content geocaches must be adapted to family games.
  • Obey the local laws and follow the signs indicating.
  • Use the compass to find a geocache

IC menu compassPrenez the direction of the cache using the card to get close to the maximum. Once close, the card will no longer be of much use. The compass will guide you through the last few meters between you and your prey. To view, click here on the icon compass compass at the top of this detail of the cache.
Note that Caches are never buried or hidden in denying access areas and common sense dictates that they are arranged so that your behavior does not seem seeking the suspect (never near a school of an airport, military land or any other potential terrorist targets).

If you find a cache is damaged or missing you must report on the Geocaching site to its owner replaces or suspend the cache. Be careful though, some geocachers do not lack imagination to hide their treasure! Step tab applies only to multiple caches and lists the compulsory waypoints to collect all the clues leading to the final geocache and to get additional info on this topic you may visit


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